What I do...

The tender buds in the untended garden, instead of blossoming, wither to the weeds in the eyes of the society. But we in Aasra, care for these buds and help them blossom beautifully.

In the eyes of God, everyone is equal, so why in the society do we see division and disparity??

With the hope of removing this differentiation between fellow souls, I joined Aasra.

Since then I have been going to sector 21, every Saturday evening, I and three of my friends cycle down to meet the kids there. There I teach children in the seventh and eighth standard. Teaching them is great fun ,and their interest is very encouraging .Not only Saturdays, but we also celebrate festivals with them. Be it celebrating Independence Day, distributing sweets on Ganesh Puja or preparing the Rangoli on Diwali, time spent at sector 21, with the sweet smiling faces of kids, is the best time spent, away from home. This helps to work more, help more.

If you want to bring a change, you have to be the change first. So I hope, like I am concerned for them today, the whole world realizes their duty and takes a step forward to help the needy live their dreams...

By:-Pratyasha Mohapatra(1st year)