There were those sad beautiful eyes,

The tilted heads with pink cheeks,

The batting lashes with a tear drop,

And a smile with a curve in the corner....

The hands outreaching to be held,

The ears eager to hear words of love,

Those legs longing to stand tall and strong,

There were those sad empty eyes....

The curtain falls, their faces lit up,

Eyes closed, they dream of flying away,

The smile spreads across, it is so fragile,

In the whirl of the wind, they live their lives....

The bubble bursts, the curtains rise,

They open eyes to find their wings torn,

The cry deep in their heart ever so blue,

The fear whispering, “never dream again".....

They look up, look into the heaven,

Overcast, the turmoil never seems to cease,

Winter so heavy upon their souls,

The lamp of joy flickering so wild....

Pair of hands covers it, it burns unbroken,

It glows stronger, the clouds drift apart,

The sun shines on them, shining ever so bright,

The doors to heaven open up wide....

The angel descends, so pure, so white,

She mends the broken wings, the broken dreams,

She takes their hand, she makes them stand,

She gives them love, gives them all she has....