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Little's Science Yard  2K18     

       Aasra conducts a science exhibition every year during Innovision named  “Little’s Science Yard”. This gives an opportunity to the children of weaker sections of the society to get connected to science in fun and exciting way. It gears up the technical quotient of a child. This event ensures the extraction of inner talents of the children.
         This event took place on 4th November 2018 near BM-BT parking area. Event coordinators took the responsibility of bringing the children from their respective workplaces through buses. All the children with their projects, charts and models reported to the venue by 9:15 am. The stalls were decorated with funky and creative charts and pictures. From all workplaces, 119 children participated in this event. All the arrangements for breakfast were made, and children had their breakfast before 10:00 am. The event started at 10:30 am. We were honoured to have CWS Chairman Father Benny and our supporting faculties Prof. A. Thirugnanam, Prof. P. Balasubramanian and Institute's Public Relations Officer Ms.Itishree Singh Rathaur attending this event and judging the exhibits. Since Innovision is held just before Diwali, we had also kept a Diya stall near science exhibition, and a total amount of 2,080 rupees was received through sale.

The children were taken to guest house (south block) for lunch at 1:30 pmand soon after, the prize distribution ceremony was held in LA-214 at 3:30 pm.
The list of winners:
Overall Best Project: Sewage Treatment Plant [Sector 21] – Bags
Iswari Guru
Neha Biswal
Subhashree Bahidar

Overall Best Working Model: Hydraulic JCB [Sector 5] – Chess Board
Ajit Yadav
Vivek Kumar Singh
Arun Kusum 

Overall Best Non-Working Model: Boat [Sector 6] – Rubix Cube
Satya Bariha
Best Art: Glass Painting [Raj Kishore - OSAP] – Acrylic Colours 

Best Craft: Home decor by matchsticks [Bijay Barad - OSAP] – Apsara Arts Set 
Class 5, 6 -
First: Demonstration on Air pollution [Khalsa] – Piggy Bank
Second: Buzz Game [Sector 21] – Sketches
Sradhanjali Thapa
Gauri Nag
Rakesh Sahoo 
Third: Pythagoras Theorem [Sector 5] – Geometry Box
Tulsi Nayak
Anisha Kindo 
Class 7, 8 -
First: Water Level Indicator [OSAP] – Facts Book
Mamata Bariha
Kamini Bhoi
Surendra Bhosagar 
Second: Homemade mixer [Khalsa] - Mystery Packet
Sonal Kumari
Priya Kumari
Neha Kumari
Khushboo Kumari 
Third: Surface Tension [Jagda] – Geometry Box
Bigyan Ekka
Binod Bankar
Sangeetha Lugun 
Class 9, 10 –
First: Smart village [Sector 2] - Dictionary
Madhuri Suren
Anjali Kumari 
Second: Water dispenser [Sector 6] – Tiffin Box
Meera Gohir
Gayatri Salma
Abhishek Sahoo


Third: Homemade generator [Jagda] – Geometry Box
Amlan Lugun
Lakkhi Sharma
Anant Prakash Vengra
Naman Bage 
Consolation Prizes: Notebook and Pen    
First: Ozone Layer Depletion [Sector 2]
Debsingh Jamudhar
Nikhil Hamrom
Amit Soren 
Second: Volcano [Sector 5]
Aman Nayak
Kiran Kindo
Manisha Badaik
Laxmi Badaik 
Third: Marble Machine [Sector 2]
Pooja Murmu
Roshni Bharasagar
Rashmita Soy
Sandhya Rani Samal

The Aasra club would like to extend a very hearty vote of thanks to the honourable Professors who blessed us with their presence and took out valuable time of their busy schedule. As no event can become successful with a single person, so I extend my big thanks to all our event coordinators and especially to volunteers who contributed their time for the event by visiting the workplace and guiding those children in preparing their models.

This year also saw huge participation and enthusiasm from the children’s side. This LSY also brought lots of creativity within the children, gave a platform to exhibit their ideas.


                                                                                                            - Vamshi Krishna Yadav Challa