Holi 2018, The AASRA Way

Blissful cheers, along with holi colors were present in all workplaces where tall AASRA’S flagpoles stood. An aura of warmth and love emanated from them as day count to the occasion swiftly approached to minimal. Like every year this year too, the very much awaited joyous festival Holi was celebrated by AASRITES amidst the innocent young souls with enthusiasm much more than ever.
Morning of the 
2nd of March aroused Holi vibes in AASRA folks and thus began their prep to head off to their respective workplaces. AASRA, which is a social service organization run by the students of NIT Rourkela, strives hard for the betterment and overall development of destitutes in several areas in Rourkela; namely Sector 2, Sector 5, Sector 6, Sector 21, Jagda,  Khalsa,  OSAP,  Birsa Munda and Chhend. The club members find their utmost satisfaction and passionately share their happy moments with young minds and necessitous kids there, with whom not only do they share a student- teacher relation but also a lovable guardianship. This year's holi was one such remarkable occasion, which brought down the club members an opportunity to do so. 

Sector 5, Sector 6, Sector 21, Jagda, Khalsa, Chhend and OSAP were the Holi grounds this time. Commencement of Holi fete began at each workplace right from the morning whilst members reached their respective workplaces assigned to them. They were warmly greeted and welcomed with splashes of brilliant colors. Whence began the celebration with playing with dyes of combinations of every possible color. Spree sensation was elevated to another level when people gradually began footing it with music. Sharing of sweets with workplace residents, which descends from pedigree of Indian culture to do so to commemorate this festival, was an integral moment of the entire Holi spree.  The smiles shared amongst Holi players were priceless and moments shared remain countless. The day left an imprint which awakens all AASRA members' passion to looking forward for another day to create a frolic atmosphere in the nearest future. 

- Sandeep Shiraskar