Foundation Day 2018


13th Foundation Day

          When the nation celebrates its 69th Republic day and air is filled with Deshbhakti Slogans and fragrance of love for nation, there's another side to      this where AASRA celebrates its 13th Foundation Day.

This year, our celebrations were a little
new, a little different. We went Live on
YouTube and Facebook!

Here's how we celebrate it each year: Children from different workplaces come to NITR and show their talents in form of music, dance and drama at Bhubaneswar Behera Auditorium (BBA).

Proceedings of this year's Foundation Day: Children reached NITR by 9:00 A.M, had a tummy full of delicious breakfast at Community Centre(CC) and came to BBA around 10:15 A.M. Children from Chhend reached at 11:00 A.M.

The event was inaugurated by our honourable director Prof. Animesh Biswas along with security officer in charge Mr. Suman Dutta, Dean Student’s welfare Prof. Simanchala Panigrahi, Prof. Saurav Chatterjee (HOD, Chemistry dept.) and our faculty advisor Prof. Santos Kumar Das by lighting the auspicious lamp.

Then, children from Jagda sung our National Anthem.

Our respectful guests formally launched the annual magazine of AASRA and shared their thoughts, experiences with children. Professors shared their views and students shared their experiences in this magazine.

The event was also graced by the presence of Prof. Robin Davis & Prof. A. Thirugnanam, who gave a scholarship of INR 1000/- to Arikhit Rana of OSAP for securing A2 grade in 10th board exam.

Now, here is the interesting part. Be patient :-)

               There is a future Shreya Ghoshal, Amitabh Bachchan, Prabhudeva in these children. Children utilised this small opportunity to show respect and love for nation in terms of their talents.

Children from Sector 21 put up a skit. It went on with Gandhiji enlightening the harsh truth that our respect to freedom fighters is restricted to certain occasional days. Auditorium was filled with silence throughout the skit, and then it roared with thunderous applause once it was over.

Vishal, an energetic boy from sector 2 gave a spell-bound performance. He quoted "Dance requires no age".

These mesmerising performances continued till 2:00 P.M. Our beloved alumnus Anup Bhai (Anup Agarwal) stayed with us till the evening.

Children had their lunch at Community Centre.

The evening part of celebration started by distribution of prizes for winners and concluded by announcement of new executives.

We are divided by departments and languages, but united by AASRA...

We share the same thoughts, love and affection towards our kids. We strive for development of communities, because children can make magic with their acts. Their success fills our heart with joy. Anything which we do for their welfare gives us happiness that has no bounds.

This family, the AASRA family welcomes anyone who wants to contribute for development of children and making the society a better place to live.

In case you missed the foundation day celebrations,here's a small video put together to give you a taste of what it was like.
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                                                                                                                          -Hemalatha Alapati