To New Beginnings

Guru Nanak Public School, Khalsa has been a partner of AASRA for a long time. We’ve been teaching kids of neighboring slums at GNPS for quite some time now. A few of our alumni members had the idea of using GNPS’s infrastructure for teaching children of Sector-21 and OSAP colony, to maximize our efficiency and also to benefit other children in nearby areas who weren’t in our former workplaces.

AASRA’s members had a meeting with the school management body of GNPS in March, 2016. There were some obstacles during the initial phase, as some of the board members were skeptical about giving their infrastructure to be used for teaching kids of nearby localities, due to former issues with people of the naya bazaar area. With a little help from Mr. Kulwinder Singh from GNPS, who has been very supportive of AASRA and a series of discussions and meetings, we finally were able to convince the management. Now, you’ll be happy to know that we have formally begun teaching at GNPS to the underprivileged for free, helping them achieve their dreams.

The GNPS project aims to: 1. Effectively use our member strength to teach children of OSAP colony and Sector 21. 2. Use audio-visual aids to make learning experience very student friendly. 3. Focus on preparation for Navodaya exam and other scholarship exams. 4. Extend our reach to children of nearby localities. We sincerely thank everyone who has helped make this program reality, and hope that this becomes a success!

written by :- 
Nikhil Vobbilisetty