Diwali, The AASRA Way

This year, the festival of lights was celebrated with great gaiety and joy in the workplaces of AASRA. The Diya project initiative of AASRA was a great success this Diwali and played a small yet significant part in lighting up the lives of the people in need.It was celebrated in six workplaces of AASRA which are sector 6, sector 21, sector 5, OSAP, Jagda and Khalsa involving enthusiastic children and equally enthusiastic members.


The first and foremost thing that marked the beginning of Diwali celebration was the distribution of profit made in Diya project among the women who made the diyas in Sector-6, OSAP and Sector-21. Diwali is incomplete without crackers and sweets, and keeping this in mind, sweets and crackers were distributed among the children of all the workplaces. The members were also fed sweets at the end as a happy Diwali from the kids. All the members actively participated in the Diwali celebration of their respective workplace as well as of the other workplace. All in all, it was a bright and great Diwali, for the members and children, alike.

written by :-
                    Srija Mukhopadhyay