Look around and you'll find familiar faces. This place, this moment. A human psychology to look for familiarity, for repetition, for habits. We are happy for what we see around is sanity and is pleasant. For a moment forget where you are. Gear up your imagination and look at what I see.

A kid walking down the meadows having no sense about how this busy world rhymes. Just a kid, just like any of us were. But this kid is way different than others. We have all our desires met. We see clean tiles and painted walls, good paper, elegant toys. But this kid is just unlucky to have these all.

Kids from Sector-6 Workplace
He knows not how things rhyme with sticks and stones, for him broken bones were what seemed more atonable. For he has a stronger belief that he is a piece of flesh and no one would love him. That they'll never in their life have shade, for them the sun has always scorched in the sky above. They have bruises in them. Bruises attained from the thorns and stones that lay in their way. And don't tell me broken bones cause more pain than broken hearts. The bruise that forms in his heart pains him, so often in the day, while no drug can heal it, no anti-depressant he can afford. After a few while bottles start looking real friendly. While he kisses the bottles feeling happy about how better off he is with it than the world, he knows not how much he is lofted away from this world.

The streets of this world are a battleground. And while in the childhood he can avoid the cruelties of the life, and in afterlife when hunger strikes? When hunger strikes, he roams free on the roads with no clue of what to do in this busy world. After a tiresome quest he sits! Lonely and dusty he just stays still like a statue leaving no clue for anybody who goes past him. The constant ringing in his mind- "Beware of life!" pulsating every other asset of the world!! Despite a lovable family, he has nothing in this world. Because just he was born poor! And sometimes he is also the bad question that his parents tried to erase but succeeded not! Just because he was born at the wrong hands!

For those who of you think that he is an ugly mistake, come closer and see! For the innocence that is derived from their ignorance flows the definition of beauty! Because they see your heart before they see your skin, because they always have thought the world amazing, they just need to feel amazing about themselves. They can see this world as it looks from the top of mountains, just a feeling of success; not a feeling to jump off and end their miserable lives. Despite the world army against him, he is capable of standing as an inspiration. Sometimes he'll differentiate between sanity and addiction and will renounce all the evils that looked friendly to him once.

And with all the beauty that is in them and not a proper mirror to show them what lies in their bright side, is just unfortunate. Mirrors are we, to show these kids that dance in front of us what they are, what they contain and what they can be. Mirrors are we to show them where their roads that they walk upon will lead. Mirrors are we to these kids. Education comes then.

-Swadhin Kumar