Don't Miss The Day...

(An appeal from a AASRA member...)

"If i would have given a little more effort i could have cracked IIT.
If i would have read a little more, the day before the exam i could have scored better grade."
By this way we always scold our past missing the present . Human desires are unlimited !!! but what about their needs?
There are people in this world who still struggle for their needs...
A small child needs love and care, a grown child needs education,a man need a job, elders and olders need respect and service......and we need to do all these works.
Time is unstopable we have to complete all these works within our life which is long perid to pass but  short period to work. So what you want to do ,just do it now dont look back to ur past or never make plea.   Share you some time with people who lack their needs. Play with them ,hug them, love them,educate them, inspire them and in return you will get all the best feelings of your life. You will feel victorious and immortal and you can beat the time, you will feel satisfied and you will be free from the clutches of your desires...

So never miss the opportunity to help them... because THEY NEED US...
-Chidanand Tarai,
B.Tech.(3rd Year)