Little's Science Yard 2017

This innovision saw a successful continuation of AASRA's 'Little Science Yard' streak. Little science yard is a science project making competition for the children from aasra's different workplaces and it aims at bringing the innovation and talents of the young minds into the limelight. The event took place in the LA premises on 5th of November, 2017. The children reported to the venue by 9:30 am in the morning and submitted their projects- models and chart papers. Apart from these, there were also glass paintings and crafts from the students of OSAP and Sector-6. The event coordinators from AASRA made sure that the projects were divided according to their workplaces and thereafter arranged in the different stalls that were allotted to each workplace. There was arrangement for all the meals and accordingly, breakfast was given to the kids at 10:30 am. 
Once the stalls were arranged, Prof. Ujjal Chattraj, Faculty Advisor of AASRA- Prof. SK Das, and a PhD scholar, Pushpadant Jain, were called in for the evaluation of the projects. This year saw the first ever participation of the children from Jagda workplace. The children were then taken to the Technology club for lunch at 1:30 pm, and soon after, the prize distribution ceremony happened in LA-204 at 2:30 pm.

The list of winners:
Overall best project
1st prize- Reusable Battery (Sector-21)
2nd prize - Water level alarm (Sector-6)
3rd prize - Fire alarm (OSAP)

Workplace wise winners in different categories:

1st: Home made reusable battery(Raghu & Jeetu)
3rd: Solenoid Engine(Ranjan, Gauri, Chandani)
Air Cooler(Iswari, Neha, Subhashree, Suchitra)
Climate Change[Presentation]-(Sujata, Arjun, Aakash)

2.Hydraulic crane
3.How coal forms
4.Forest Conservation 
5.Rain Water Harvesting 
Hydraulic crane-1st prize(working model)

How coal forms-2nd prize(presentation) 

JAGDA Projects-
1. Vacuum Cleaner 
2. Periscope 
3. Kaleidoscope 

(Periscope project won 3rd Position in the working model category)

Sector 5.
No. of projects- 5
Best presentation - Smoke absorber
Consolation:- 3rd prize - salt water energy

Total no. of projects- 7 
3rd-Overall good- Fire alarm
Could have been more better- Water pollution 2nd/3rd
Working model- Vacuum Cleaner- 2nd

Total no of projects- 5 
Over all 2nd prize - Water level alarm 
Consolation prize - osmosis
Best craft - Ice cream stick house

1.Solar system
2.Walking robot
3.Smart city
Smart city-3rd prize(presentation)

All in all, this year saw a huge participation and enthusiasm from the children's side, with as many as 91 kids participating in the competition, and this event ended on a high note with the prize distribution ceremony. Not only did it bring out the creativity from within the kids, it also encouraged them to think, discover and present their ideas, whatever they might be. The Little Science Yard, was, thus, indeed a huge success.

written by
                 Srija Mukhopadhayay