Each year several thousands of patients during surgeries or transplantations require blood transfusions.Unfortunately a large chunk of this group succumbs to the unavailability of the compatible blood type in the blood banks. Hence the need for blood donation is of humongous importance. Not known to many,that the blood donated by a single person can be utilized for at least three patients, since three major components of blood can be successfully derived out of it. This shows the high relevance of blood donations in saving several priceless lives.

In an ingenuous attempt to provide assistance in saving the lives of patients in need of blood, AASRA organized a Blood Donation Camp on 18th March in collaboration with the CWS Hospital. The camp began at about 10AM, with volunteers swarming into the hospital premises on the basis of the information circulated amongst the students almost a week before.The volunteers were first asked to fill up a form where they provided certain basic information relating to their health status. On the basis of the data they submitted, the volunteers were cross examined by the doctors to make sure that firstly, they were fit enough to donate blood and secondly, whether the donated blood could be safely transfused when needed to do so. After the requisite health checkup the volunteers were called into the chamber where the doctors collected the blood. Disposable syringes were used and the collected blood was stored as per standard medical protocol.

Finally this noble step was a humongous success and we take pride in our attempt to provide a minuscule help in helping save a few more valuable lives. The current need of the hour is to encourage people to be a part of this noble cause through awareness regarding its inconceivable pertinence in medical treatments. It’s worth mentioning that a considerable portion of the educated mass is still not free from the clutches of the vintage archaic myths associated with blood donations which include “lessening of blood content”, “weakness”, “infliction with other diseases” and the list is unfortunately endless. It’s very essential to remove people from these messy superstitions at first. Only then can we rightfully ensure our blood banks to be self-sufficient in every blood group, even the rarest ones.



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