“Cleanliness is next to Godliness” is a saying that’s instilled into every school going child from a young age. But what about those children, who haven’t had the opportunities and the understanding to realise the various areas of life this applies to? That’s where Aasra’s initiative comes into picture. A whole week was dedicated to encourage and create awareness about the importance of hygienic conditions. In the workplaces frequented by Aasra members, interactive skits were performed over a span of two days, elaborating on personal as well as surrounding hygiene.

On the first day, the drive was initiated and plays were enacted in sector 5 and 6, this day was accomplished successfully, positively affecting a multitude of people. 

The second day saw the enthusiastic children of OSAP involving with the members and eagerly learning how maintaining basic hygiene can prevent diseases, just by observing certain practices which may be as simple as turning away when one has to sneeze or cough, taking regular baths, the use of soap and the necessity of drying clothes in the sun to ensure that germs are killed effectively.

Finally, these values were inculcated among the kids in sector 2. 

Overall, the Cleanliness drive was an exemplary initiative taken by the members of Aasra, which helped children in the workplaces as well as the organisers of the strategy learn and grow. One side gaining knowledge about the things that plague the daily life of so many people in our country, and the other and experience of making a big difference in the years to come for these children.