Sweet Summer Treats: Workplace Picnic (Sector 21)

A wise person once quoted : All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy.

A day off from the routine work, the volunteers from Sector 21 decided to take the kids for a trip, a post-exam treat for those tiny bundles of joy (and torture, when it comes down to disciplining them during the study hours).

Generally, the day doesn't begin until the caffeine kicks in, but the excitement in the air was a perfect wake-up call. Desouza's School's playground may have seen bigger crowds, but we're pretty sure that Aasra's lot was the noisiest ever to picnic on those grounds. 

The picnic, on the 10th of April, began with the small games, like catch, badminton, cricket, carrom, or just kids chasing around and playing hide-and-seek, the old way. 

And then, the most awaited part of the day. LUNCH! 
Lunch was amazing, with Aasra's volunteers cooking food for the kids, with hired help.

After a sumptuous feast, the games resumed and went on till the sun went down. But just like all good things come to an end, the picnic came to an end in the evening, with Aasra's volunteers dropping the kids back off to their homes. 
The day went great, leaving everyone related to Sector 21 with a lot to cherish. It's true, the only thing money can't buy you is happiness(But it can fund your picnics, which are pretty close to happiness too!).


  1. Great work by Sector 21, keep it up. Keep Inspiring other sectors as well. :)


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