Kalyan NGO : Challenging Times With Ever Smiling Faces

There is nothing in which deduction is so necessary as it's in searching the intricacy of life and we continue our journey like a reasoner finding fault in something or other. 
But today we standstill to witness the surge of hope and enthusiasm that makes life worth living.

Today (7th February 2016) we went to the Gayatri Shakti Peeth (sector 2) to attend a programme organized by Kalyan NGO led by members from SMS 2 department of Rourkela Steel Plant which was aimed to bring smiles on the face of orphans and differently abled children(now better known as DIBYANG).

They have arranged sessions imparting moral teachings to children. Later we had a small quiz competition for children.Their knowledge, enthusiasm with the addition to their beautiful smile added grandeur to the show. We were perplexed to see the level of understanding when one question was posed "where god lives?" and immediately a small boy perhaps who never got the vision to see the colourful world answered " in everybody's heart ". Mesmerizing it may seem but it once again proved that one who lacks a thing have other things in abundance.

After the distribution of clothes we had a nice feasting with the children and got to interact with them.
We have thought of giving them happiness but we later realised that they have certainly provided us more joy, enthusiasm and a flux of hope propelling us to advance in the journey again.

-Sidharth Patra