The bonding which exists between Aasraites  and the people of different work places is a paradigm of  friendship and love.  As an Aasraite, I too am bonded. This bond unknowingly compels us to visit our workplaces regularly and spend time with those people whom we even did not know few years back. Such is the strength of the bond.

It is due to this strong bond that we, members of Aasra, feel that we are a family. Any work members carry out on behalf of this club is done with the feeling that they are helping their kith and kins. Each and every Aasraite is proud of this bonding that exists among fellow members.
Such is the sanctity of the bond.

Talking about the enjoyment part, it is the most amazing characteristic of that bond. Each and every member has learnt how to share happiness and   delectation.  We visit our workplaces in order to spread and share happiness, and most importantly also to share knowledge.
Such are the moral values of the bond.

In addition to that, this bonding has many other aspects. All we wish that this bond remains intact forever.

                                                                  - ARNAB BANERJEE