Bright eyes shining with dreams,
With smiles greet,hopes up to brim.
In silence a hundred questions ask,
With all innocence,their grief try to mask.
         On landing up at any such place where flowers are assumed to blossom without any water,and any other form of care; one cannot help but wonder,"Arent we losing out a lot"?Those bright eyes do really have dreams. Someone says,"I want to be a doctor";another says,"I want to learn about computers".
          The generosity of the Sun even teaches us a lot as not to let these beautiful flowers wither without water.Claiming ourselves to be excellent investors of time,we  definitely can see the interest returns of nurturing their talents .No matter how busy we are;attending jobs,running an organisation or being the CEO of a company we can still find time to contribute our part in adding beauty to the world.Going out of our way to make certain small acts a part of our way may cause little difference is what we may tend to think,but it is not so.Opening windows of the mind and letting go these doubts regarding how significant a contribution we can make, an altogether new picture presents itself;fresh,vivid and exceedingly breathtaking.
           Service doesnt mean flipping a coin to the bowl of a beggar.Some do so,and then like triumphant warriors walk out with swollen pride.A small act of service doesnt take much time or effort, but the power of that little act to cause difference in someone's life is enormous.It conveys a message that we remember our duty as humans, and that we really care.
             When we add colours to someone's life in form of a rainbow,it touches our hearts too.We may stand where we are,but richer with bliss,satisfaction and a sense of worthiness.Once we reach a decision not to bargain for time, but to invest even a little with all our will,then this richness will be ours!It is really wonderful;how when we become harbingers of happiness for those sad eyes;somehow, in ways unknown more happiness starts flowing into our lives.These flowers, a few words for them:
Even as so small, they know to give,
Love and warmth which we all try to seek.