Raksha Bandhan

On the day of Raksha Bandhan, the Aasraites went to their allotted workplaces to celebrate the auspicious occasion, with the motive of distributing sweets and smiles. Arriving there, greeted by excited faces and plates decorated with Rakhi, the beautiful band signifying the bond between a brother and a sister; diyas, and sweets. Settling down a bit, the Raksha Bandhan ceremony started. The girls there tied rakhis to the boys of Aasra and the Aasra girls tied Rakhis to the boys there. The boys there were so eager and happy at the prospect of having sisters, every time one of the members went to tie a Rakhi almost all the hands reached out. This was followed by music and dance, as goes the custom of every happy celebration. There was lots of fun with the kids. The celebration then turned into a mini Christmas as all the kids had their demands of various presents heard. Pens and chocolates were also distributed. In short, the evening was alight with happiness.